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Nick Berg: Author and Executive level strategist with over 20 years of innovation and global business experience, Nick Berg advises C-level peers on the impact of particular people, processes and technology solutions for the corporation as a whole. He believes true value is fluency in both business and technology. As a business process improvement consultant, Berg advises Fortune 500 companies on cultural and business transformation. Nick has been working with Linux for over 20 years. You can find Nick’s latest book on Amazon.

Ramesh Poolakkil: Over 20 years of proven experience in the Information Technology industry as a successful Entrepreneur, C-level executive advisor, and a hands-on techie. He believes in delivering technology as a simple tool to achieve business excellence and start from the whiteboard. His experience in technology start-ups helped him to become an ideator and thinker who can deliver the best possible experience combining business and technology to help develop millennials who are the future of the world. He is a coach to them, building them from infancy in their carriers and hence this platform.