Insync client is a paid software that you can use to sync your Google Drive and your Microsoft OneDrive with your local Drive. Since there is no official Client for Linux in OneDrive or Google Drive this is the option.

The core competency of Insync is syncing your Google Drive and OnDrive but the app is much more than that. It has features to help you maximize and control your productivity, your Google Drive, and your files such as:

  • Cross-platform access (supports Linux, Windows and macOS)
  • Easy multiple Google Drive accounts access
  • Choose your syncing location. Sync files to your hard drive, external drives and NAS!
  • Support for features like file matching, symlink and ignore list

Let me show you some of the main features in action:

Cross-platform in true sense

Insync claims to run the same app across all operating systems i.e., Linux, Windows, and macOS. That means that you can access the same UI across different OSes, making it easy for you to manage your files across multiple machines.

Multiple Google account management

Insync interface allows you to manage multiple Google Drive accounts seamlessly. You can easily switch between several accounts just by clicking your Google account.

Custom sync folders

Customize the way you sync your files and folders. You can easily set your syncing destination anywhere on your machine including external drive and network drives.

The selective syncing mode also allows you to easily select a number of files and folders you’d want to sync (or unsync) in your local machine. This includes selectively syncing files within folders.

It has features like file matching and ‘ignore list’ to help you filter files you don’t want to sync or files that you already have on your machine. The ‘ignore list’ allows you to set rules to exclude a certain types of files from synchronization.

If you prefer to work out of the desktop, you have an “Add to Insync” feature that will allow you to add any local file to your Drive.

Insync also supports symlinks for those with workflows that use symbolic links.

Exclusive features for Linux 

Insync supports the most commonly used 64-bit Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora. You can check out the full list of distribution support here.

Insync also has headless support for those looking to sync through the command-line interface. This is perfect if you use a distro that is not fully supported by the GUI app or if you are working with servers or if you simply prefer the CLI.

Insync pricing

Insync is a premium tool and it comes with a price tag. You have 2 licenses to choose from:

  • Prime is priced at $29.99 per Google account or Microsoft Account. You’ll get access to: cross-platform syncing, multiple accounts access and support.
  • Teams is priced at $49.99 per Google account. You’ll be able to access all the Prime features + Team Drives syncing

It’s a one-time fee which means once you buy it, you don’t have to pay it again and you will continuously get the new updates of the application. In a world where everything is paid monthly, it’s refreshing to pay for software that is still one-time!

Each Google account has a 15-day free trial that will allow you to test the full suite of features, including Team Drives syncing.

To learn how install Insync on your system please follow our Installation Guide.