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There are a few things to keep in mind when you are installing Crossover Linux.

  1. First that it requires that you install 32bit libraries on your system. We will walk you thru this process
  2. It is best to have PKG Manger Gdebi on your system for installing the .deb file.

First we will start with installing Gdebi on your system.

To install Gdebi just open terminal via menu or via keys CLT+ALT+T.

Then type the following:

sudo apt install gdebi

it will ask for your password and after that it will ask for conformation on the install.

After that is completed you need to head to Crossover website and download the .deb file.

Once you have downloaded the .deb file go back to terminal.

Use the following command to get to your Download Directory

cd Downloads

Your Terminal screen should look like something like this:

Next is you type the following:


It will show you the list of the files in the Downloads Director:

Now you can see the name of the Crossover .deb file.

Next type the following:

sudo gdebi crossover_20.0.2-1.deb

Note*: The name of the .deb file should match the file that you have downloaded.

Once you push enter it will ask for your password and the conformation to install the application:

type y and enter it will start the install process.

Once the install process is completed now we have to install some of the missing 32bit libraries. To start that process type the following:

cd /opt/cxoffice

This will change the directory to the Cross over the directory. Now we need to run the automated command that will find, download, and install the missing files. We do that by running the following command:

./cxfix --auto

This will run the process to install the files. If you see some errors during this process do not worry about them since those are depreciated files and are no longer needed.

Once that process is completed you have installed Cross Over and are ready to run the program and install your Windows programs.

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