Kontact is the productivity (PIM) document management suite for the KDE Plasma desktop.

Kontact unifies all our PIM applications into a single window so that you can deal with your emails, calendaring, news, and other data even more efficiently. You can also run each of the components of Kontact as a standalone application.


We believe that software should adapt to your workflows, instead of forcing you to adapt to theirs. Kontact is highly configurable and customizable so that you can set it up exactly the way that works for you. Check out the individual pages for Kontact’s components to get an overview of some of the features each of them can offer.


Kontact supports a large variety of email, calendaring and addressbook services and protocols and can be easily extended to support additional services. You don’t need to change your email provider or migrate your calendar elsewhere just to get it synced into Kontact. Just point Kontact at the service where your PIM data are and Kontact will display it and keep it synchronized.

Kontact can also import your PIM data and some settings from other PIM suites like Thunderbird and Evolution.


Kontact supports all modern security standards to protect your privacy. All communication with remote servers is encrypted by default using the industry standard SSL/TLS encryption. Kontact also has a built-in support for signing and encryption emails with GPG and S/MIME and it can automatically verify emails signatures.

Kontact is configured by default to protect your privacy by blocking loading external content, automatic responses and other tricks often used by scammers.


All components of Kontact are well integrated together. KOrganizer can send meeting invitations through email accounts configured in KMail. KMail will render meeting invitations and show you conflicts with events in your calendars. You can mix your Todos and regular events in KOrganizer’s Agenda view.

Free and Open Source

Kontact is free (both as in free speech and free beer) and completely open source. It means that the source code is out there for anyone to see, audit and improve. We pride ourselves in our openess and our focus on protecting users’ privacy. Kontact will not spy on you, won’t show any advertisment, it will not store your sensitive data somewhere in a proprietary cloud or share them with anyone else.


KMail is the email component of Kontact, the integrated personal information manager from KDE.

  • Secure Default. Default settings rather compromise on features than security or privacy.
  • End-to-end Encryption. Support for OpenPGP and S/MIME is built-in, and a setup and key generation wizard aids users in getting started with this.
  • Transport Encryption. SSL/TLS encrypted communication is of course supported, as are a number of authentication methods such as GSSAPI (Kerberos) or OAuth2.
  • Strong isolation of HTML content. If HTML emails can’t be avoided, KMail ensures no external references can be hidden in there to leak information or compromise your privacy. Additionally, KMail’s phishing protection warns about suspicious links in such emails.
  • Spam Protection. If your email server doesn’t take care of this already, KMail can integrate popular spam checkers such as SpamAssassin or Bogofilter locally.
  • Offline Capable. KMail allows you to operate entirely without network connectivity by (optionally) syncing your entire email locally.
  • Multiple Identities. KMail separates identities from accounts, giving you a lot of flexibility when wearing different hats in multiple organizations.
  • Templates. A flexible template and text snippet system support you in automating parts of your email writing.
  • Multi-lingual. Built-in content translation support and per-paragraph spell checking language auto-detection support you when dealing with content in multiple languages.
  • Productive Composer. KMail’s email composer comes with many small helpers to make you more efficient, such as warning about forgotten attachments, inline attachment compression, or resizing of attached images.
  • Powerful Filtering. Besides automating the sorting of your emails by a multitude of conditions, KMail’s filtering system can also be used for implementing arbitrary workflows as it can integrate with external applications.
  • Searching and Tagging. Flagging and tagging of messages aid in sorting and information recovery, and so do the powerful local and remote searching capabilities.
  • Mailing List Management. Mailman mailing lists can be auto-detected and common mailing list management operations are directly available from within KMail.
  • Flexible Configuration. Countless configurations options allow you to tweak many aspects of KMail to exactly your needs and wishes.


KAddressBook stores all the personal details of your family, friends and other contacts. It supports large variety of services, including NextCloud, Kolab, Google Contacts, Microsoft Exchange (EWS) or any standard CalDAV server.

  • Powerful search. KAddresbook has configurable filters and powerful search capabilities.
  • Duplicate detection and merging. KAdressbook can find duplicated contacts from multiple sources can merge them into a single contact.
  • Integration. Integrates with other Kontact components, e.g. exporting Birthday reminders to KOrganizer.
  • QR codes. KAddressbook can display a QR code for each contact to quickly scan it into your phone or send to someone.
  • Good standard support. KAddresbook can import and export contacts from and to nearly every address book standard.
  • LDAP integration. Can connect to multiple LDAP servers, which can then be used for contact autocompletion when composing emails in KMail.


KOrganizer is the calendar and scheduling component of Kontact. It provides management of events and tasks, alarm notification, web export, network transparent handling of data, group scheduling, import and export of calendar files, and more. It is able to work together with a wide variety of calendaring services, including NextCloud, Kolab, Google Calendar, and others. KOrganizer is fully customizable to your needs and is an integral part of the Kontact suite, which aims to be a complete solution for organizing your personal data. KOrganizer supports the two dominant standards for storing and exchanging calendar data, vCalendar and iCalendar.

  • Support for multiple calendars and todo lists. Korganizer can transparently merge calendar data from different files or other calendar data sources for example calendars on the web. They can conveniently be activated, deactivated, added, and removed from the graphical user interface.
  • Kontact integration. KOrganizer is fully integrated with Kontact, the complete personal information management application. Within Kontact some additional features are available like conversion of mails to events or todos by drag and drop.
  • Storage model. KOrganizer has a persistent calendar. The user doesn’t have to take care of loading or saving the calendar. Changes are immediately saved to disk. If the calendar is changed externally it is automatically loaded and updated in the view. A locking mechanism handles concurrent access to the calendar.
  • Undo and Redo. KOrganizer supports unlimited undo and redo.
  • Todo integration with agenda view. Todos are shown in the week and day views. Todos can be converted to events by dragging from the todo list and dropping on the agenda view.
  • Attachments for events and todos. References to web pages, local files, or mails can be attached to events and todos. The attached data can easily be accessed by a single click from the event and todo views as well as the summary view or the editors
  • Quick todo entry. A special input field allows us to quickly create a todo without needing to open an editor. This is especially handy for creating multiple todos in a row.
  • Quick event entry. There are several ways to create events from the agenda view: Per type-ahead events can be created by selecting a time range and then simply starting to type. An editor will be opened and the type text will be going into the title. Optionally the event editor can be opened when the time selection is finished and in addition to the usual menu and toolbar entries, there are key bindings and a context menu to start the editor dialog.
  • Print support. Calendars can be printed using various different styles. Printing also supports colors and overlapping events.
  • KMail Integration. KMail directly supports the transfer of invitations and other calendar attachments to KOrganizer.


Akregator helps you to keep informed about new stories on websites like KDE Dot News and Planet KDE blogs. The technology used is RSS and many sites support it.

  • Simple to use
  • Can accept dozens of feeds
  • Can notify you of unread feeds
  • Uses tabs to give access to internal reading of full stories
  • Feeds archive
  • Import and export feeds

Kontact is part of the KDE desktop applications. To install the most efficient way would be to use the Snap store.

Open a terminal by pressing the ALT and T key at the same time

In the terminal add the following command

2. Install LibreOffice 7.0.

Software Updater utility will keep back the new PPA packages. So you have to run command in terminal to install / upgrade to LibreOffice 7.0:

sudo snap install kontact --edge